How Much Did You Say Those Tomatoes Cost?

By:  Jennifer Davidson, UGA Cooperative Extension

The grow-your-own food movement is big right now, and rightly so.  Have you bought fresh produce lately?  It seems the costs just keep going up.  You can grow your own vegetables year round in Columbus.  In the next few blog posts, I’ll cover some of the easiest plants to grow—starting right now. 

But first….the basics:

  1.  You need a sunny spot (about 8 hours a day at least)
  2. WATER WATER WATER!  Plan for watering-the best is an automatic soaker hose system.
  3. It must be near your home- so you will be able to visit daily for weeding, scouting for bugs and disease, and to pick your harvest.
  4. Your success depends on your soil- you can get a soil test for nutrition information( for more info on soil testing, visit and you will need to add organic matter (either from home compost or bought).

If you want to start from seed, and you like salad- now is the time to plant radish and lettuce mixes.  When you are working with seed that are very small, remember, you only need to lightly dust them with soil.  Don’t bury them deep or they will never germinate. 

You should have a crop of radishes and the beginning of lettuce to pick from in just a short month.  They are especially great if you garden with children, as you are very likely to succeed and very quickly too. 

In future posts, we will cover other types of veggies that you can grow and save your family a buck or two!  So go get gardening!



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