Organizing product of the week: Brother labeler


Organizing Product of the Week
Brother® P-Touch® PT-1290 Electronic Labeler Item # 420282.

Let’s you create stylish labels for the home or office

• 15 Deco mode and 7 Framing mode patterns provide great-looking options for labels.

• Easy-to-view 15-character LCD to preview labels.

• Auto tape detection automatically adjusts the text size based on the tape size.

Regular Price $39.99 – Sale Price $19.99!!

On Sale now through July 2nd at Office Depot.

As an Organizer, my favorite organizing tool is my label maker. In fact, I have two of these. You may be asking “What’s so special about labeling and why do I need one anyway?”

Here are a few tips on label-makers and how to use them.

Label Makers come in all shapes and sizes. You can pick one up anywhere that you can purchase office supplies, like Office Depot, Staples or Office Max. Even Target and Wal-Mart carry label makers that are fairly inexpensive. If you are looking for one, I highly recommend the P-Touch by Brother on sale now at Office Depot. Remember that some stores match prices so don’t be afraid to ask.

Here are several ways I’ve used my label maker with clients and how you too can use one in your own home. Use it to label files, storage bins, shelving in the kitchen for spices, coffee or as a reminder of where the cereal goes. Mark an expiration date for things that go into the fridge or freeze. I love using it in the pantry or in bathrooms, label your make-up container, a shelf for kids games, toys or activities; in your home office for your in/out bins or folders for bills, favorite restaurants and vacation spots. Don’t forget you garage for tools, or your linen closet, in your medicine cabinet and especially in your craft or homeschool/scrapbooking closet. Even label cords to your computer and cell phone chargers so you can quickly identify which one you need. The list is limitless.

Ok, so by now you might be thinking this is a little overboard, but I have found that we are most likely to put things back where they belong if we have a reminder of where that is. If you are in the process of organizing your home, once you have a designated place for everything, consider the benefits of using a label maker.
Try labeling in areas where you have the most clutter or where you find you have the most trouble getting things back in place. I love having labels in the kids playroom – this helps them know how the room should look each time they clean up.

The above product is on sale now through July 2nd. Don’t miss out on this great deal. But only buy one if you think you will use it!

Happy Organizing,

Kelly Mott


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