Back to School means back to routine


It’s still 100 degrees outside but the hustle and bustle of fall can already be felt all over town. We’ve all been stocking up on school supplies and packing in every last bit of summer fun we can before the first week of school. Some of us have already had that first day of school and the adjustment of the summer schedule has already begun. Here are three suggestions that will help everyone transition back in to a routine.

Create a Launch Pad:

In the organizing world, a launch pad is a designated area in your house that is home to all your daily, out- the-door items for each family member. The launch pad works best when located near the enter/exit door. For you and older children it’s where keys, handbags, totes, cell phone, wallets, and laptop should end up each night before bed, ready for the morning routine. For each child, its home for lunch boxes, library books, projects, permission slips, homework, and gym bag needed each morning.

The launch pad is also a great place to hang a printed calendar or a whiteboard schedule for everyone to review before heading out the door. If you don’t have hooks for book bags have each child hang the book bag on the back of their chair at the kitchen table. Their launch pad can also be their place at the table if you exit from the kitchen area each morning.

Re-establish bedtime & mealtime routines:

All of us do better on a set schedule.

It’s especially important that children have some set schedules when it comes to bedtime and meals. Planning meals in advance will help you juggle the busy sports schedule and keep you from becoming a drive-thru family. Family dinners are important for family bonding. Remember kids love to communicate and family dinners can give you time to reconnect during the busy school year. An established bed time lets kids know what to expect, they get the rest they need and you some down time at the end of a busy day.


Establish homework & housework routines:

We like to do homework at the kitchen table. I’ve created a homework caddy that lives on the table most of the time during the school year that can be easily moved when needed. Our caddy holds pencils, pens, paper, rulers, scissors, glue, protractor, hole punch and calculators. This handy caddy keeps us from getting up and down several times during homework time.

Unless you have a live in maid, housework/chores should also be assigned to everyone in the house so that your home runs smoothly during the school year. Choose age appropriate chores for your children. Working together as a family is fun and learning to maintain a home is a life lesson that can only be taught at home. Take time to look up age appropriate chores and teach your children to maintain their own areas at home.
Looking forward to the fall season and cooler weather! Hope your family has a successful school year!

By Kelly Mott
Kelly Mott Interior Solutions


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