9 Ways to Save on Halloween

According to the National Retail Federation, the average person will spend more than $70 this year on candy, costumes and decorations for Halloween.

If the simple thought of that scares you, check out these tips from Frugal Family to save.  Plus, we’ve got a link below for 9 Ways to Save on Halloween.

  • Organize an e-swap — As we all have costumes in the closet that our kids have outgrown.  Send out an email to all of your friends letting them know what you have stored away and let them know what you are in the market for.  Ask each friend to send it to another five friends, and before you know it, the word is out to a couple of hundred people.
  • Look around the house first — Does your daughter take ballet, son already play in league little or do have an old karate jacket around?  Suggest that your kids wear what they have you won’t spend a dime.  Sometimes all kids need is the suggestion to be reminded of how fun it is to be what they love.
  • Homemade costumes can be really easy — You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to make a Halloween costume.  The best and sometimes most classic costumes cost next to nothing.  All you need to be a mummy is some white ace bandages, a big ribbon sash and some glitter to become miss America or an old sheet and some masking tape to become a superhero.  The internet is crawling with creative and easy homemade ideas that take no time and very little money.
  • Consider makeup as the costume — Halloween makeup is very inexpensive and mom likely already has almost all of it at home. Transform into a cat with just some easy black eyeliner; a clown with powder, red lipstick, eye shadow and mismatched socks and clothes; or a pumpkin with just some orange face paint.
  • Express your with only one accessory — You can go far with only one accessory.  Pick-up an inexpensive cowboy hat for a cowboy or cowgirl, a chefs hat paired with an apron from home, or a witches hat with some frayed old black clothes. Hats are a great, inexpensive option that can be found at almost any party store.

9 Ways to Save on Halloween



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