Tempted by a “work-at-home” promotion?

This question rears its head frequently as we are caught up in the current economic conditions and so many are searching for employment.

Work-at-home scams are becoming more convincing than ever. The fraudulent ads are also listed next to real jobs on online work boards like Monster.com or Indeed.com. The scams usually promise large financial rewards for little work.

Medical billing promoters may require a fee to pay for materials like software and a list of potential clients. Requests for money are a danger sign. You probably will not earn enough from your medical billing business to recover your fees.

Promoters promise the potential to earn large yearly salaries in a competitive industry. The truth is, most physicians do their own medical claims. If they do use an outside source, it is probably a large company.

Even if you think you can beat these odds, beware. The promoter may send you faulty software and an outdated list of physicians. They may even offer you a “money-back guarantee”, but rarely follow through with a refund.

Protect yourself from these scams by asking questions about the reputation and promises of the promoter. Ask for a list of previous purchasers who have been successful. The longer the list, the better. The one or two they might show you could be paid to promote the product.

Ask the doctors in your community how they handle their medical records. Learn more about the industry from reputable medical billing companies and organizations for medical billing processors.

If the company sells another company’s software, check with the software company to see if they have any complaints with the promoter. Always consult a business adviser before signing a contract with the promoter.

Work from home schemes often sound too good to be true with promises of money earned by investing just a few hours a week. There is no such thing as easy money. Starting a successful business takes a lot of time and hard work.

For more information, call me in Columbus at 706.653.4200.

By Joanne Cavis


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2 Responses to Tempted by a “work-at-home” promotion?

  1. dabratkin says:

    Wow! This article really tries to rip work at home industry to shreds. Anyone who does their due diligence can work at home and do so successfully. Your recommendation that they contact their doctor and find out how they do their medical records is ludicrous as many larger partnerships outsource certain transcribing services.

    Most work at home companies represent SEVERAL different companies not just one and follow the strict guidelines of the client. To do otherwise would be to jeopardize the contract.

    The best bet against being scammed in the work at home environment is to do your due diligence and check credentials through, not only resources such as the better business bureau, but your local labor department. Any company who employs, even on a work at home basis, must be licensed to hire in you state.

    How do i know all of this? Because I work from home and supervise over 50 other employees who also work from home all across the country. Including benefits that one would find from any other brick and mortar location. Please don’t let the horror story above deter you from looking for legitimate work. It is up to you to be sure it IS legitimate,

  2. dabratkin says:

    As an addendum, here is a legitimate site that lists work at home jobs. Most are vetted and if not it is clearly stated. Register and log in to view members only info.


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