About Kelly Mott

Kelly Mott Interior Solutions is owned and operated by Kelly Mott.  As a Columbus, native she began her career in the Banking Industry in 1990 with a Columbus based Fortune 500 Company. 

After 12 years in banking, she joined Hopegivers International and served as the Executive Assistant for 3 years and as the Volunteer Relations Manager for more than 2 years. 

During this time she had the privilege of visiting India for 17 days and still states with tears in her eyes, “I will never forget the children we help care for there.  They have nothing, but there are smiles on their faces.  The love of Jesus is so evident in their lives, it’s just amazing.”

If you have ever met Kelly she has most likely told you about her love of organizing and decorating.  You may have even been someone she has helped throughout the years. 

Even as a teen she talked about a career as an Interior Decorator and enjoyed arranging things in a small dress shop and other boutiques.  As far back as she can remember she has helped friends, family members and co-workers re-decorate and organize their homes.

In 2009, for the first time in 20 years, and as part of a company-wide lay off, Kelly found herself searching for a new job.  She immediately knew what she wanted to do.  “This is my chance to reinvent myself”. 

After much thought and consideration and with her husband’s encouragement of “Kelly, you’ve always been successful, just do what you want to do”, she begin researching and planning what it would take to make that happen. 

After completing a Home Staging Course through Haverhill Institute for Home Staging, she began working with friends and family to build her portfolio, and in 2010 when the referrals started coming in Kelly Mott Interior Solutions was formed. 

Since then, she has enjoyed working with many clients, helping them accomplish their goals.  In January 2011 she joined NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers and plans to continue her education through the classes and training offered.


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